Bangladesh Wants Tough Action Against Israel

Bangladesh has called upon the members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to impose sanctions on Israel to send “a strong message” against its brutalities in Gaza. Suggesting some actions, Prime Minister’s International Affairs Adviser Gowher Rizvi said the time had come “to move beyond the traditional approach of censure and official declarations and resolutions”.

Instead, he suggested NAM should take “unequivocal” stand against Israeli “brutalities and breach of international humanitarian principles”.

“The way Israel is using the power of coercion, the same way the NAM Member States should use the power of denial to force it to maintain civilized behaviour,” he said.

The adviser was representing Bangladesh at an emergency meeting of the NAM Committee on Palestine in Tehran on Monday.

The foreign ministry said Bangladesh had been invited to this meeting as one of the members of this 11-member Committee.

The emergency meeting was inaugurated by President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr Hassan Rouhani and heard a briefing on the latest situation in the Gaza Strip from the Foreign Minister of Palestine Dr Riad Al-Maliki.

The meeting was presided over by Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Javad Zarif as the Chair of the NAM Coordinating Bureau.

Among others, ministers from Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria and Venezuela and special representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan and other NAM Member Countries also spoke at the meeting.

The meeting adopted a Declaration calling upon the NAM member states to ensure a number of multilateral and bilateral actions against the backdrop of the current situation in Gaza.