Dhaka South City Corporation Announced Proposed Budget

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) on Thursday announced a proposed budget of Tk 1,565.75 crore for fiscal 2014-15.

At the same time, the DSCC approved amended budget of Tk 672.84 crore of fiscal 2013-14.

In the budget for 2014-15, the DSCC fixed a target of Tk 1,464.33 crore revenue and other income, which was Tk 1,861.8 crore in the last fiscal.

DSCC Administrator M Ibrahim Hossain Khan announced the budget at the Nagar Bhaban.

DSCC Chief Executive Officer M Ansar Ali Khan, Chief Engineer M Jahangir Hossain, Chief Medical Officer Brig Gen Abdullah Al Harun, Chief Conservancy Manager Captain Javed Iqbal and Chief Accounts Officer M Omar Faruque were present on the occasion.

The heads of revenue income in the new budget include taxes (holding, conservancy, lighting) Tk 275 crore, market salami (toll) Tk 100 crore, market rent Tk 22 crore, trade license fees Tk 41.17 crore, rickshaw lenience fess Tk 3.48 crore, cattle market Tk 8.5 crore and advertisement fees Tk 5.11 crore.

The heads of expenditure in the budget include salaries and allowances Tk 198.72 crore, road and traffic infrastructure maintenance and development Tk 191.75 crore, physical infrastructure building and development Tk 99.3 crore, development of graveyards and cremation fields Tk 3.30 crore, environmental development Tk 7.9 crore and development of civic recreational facilities Tk 3.30 crore.

Source: BSS