How To Living a Creative Life

To live a creative life, it’s important to keep your imagination alive. The greatest tragedy of modern times is the death of imagination. Push your creative boundaries. Think out of the box and don’t be scared to explore new territories. A creative person is never afraid of failures.


Connect with creative people
Connecting with creative people is very important. It will keep you on track, motivated, inspired and give you an amazing support system. A creative person needs somebody to understand him/her. If you want to live a creative life, find some creative people in your city to connect with. You can also join clubs, groups and the like. Find about a writers’ group or a potters’ club through various social networking sites. Meeting and exchanging ideas will make your creative juices flowing.

Finding your simplicity edge can take some time and energy. There will be lots of sorting and deciding and donating and throwing away. Making space—physical space—can make a huge difference in your life; it is worth every minute decluttering.