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Uninterrupted Eid Journey Due To Early Steps

Eid journey has become uninterrupted and smooth due to early steps by the concerned ministries, 12 deputy commissioners’ planned actions, restriction on movement of heavy vehicles and closure of garments factories on different dates. As Communications Minister Obaidul Kader inspected the roads round-the-clock, the highways have become worthy of early and smooth journey. On the

International Exhibition of Branded Fashion Carnival From June 25

A five-day international exhibition of branded clothing and fashion products will start on June 25 at Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall at Gulshan-1 in the city. Over 50 companies from home and abroad will participate in this exhibition titled ‘Bangladesh Fashion Carnival-2014′. The products include children’s wear, clothing (men/women), Readymade Garment (RMG)/woven garments, Salwar kameez, 3 pieces,

Balanced Diet Can Prevent Hearing Loss

“People with healthy diets who eat adequate fruit and vegetables, have better hearing thresholds than people with a poor diet, according to large population databases,” Colleen Le Prell, professor at Florida University, was quoted as saying. Studies on animals have shown that dietary supplements such as vitamins A, C, E and magnesium can prevent hearing

Google Start Building Self-driving Cars

Google is to start building its own self-driving cars, rather than modifying vehicles built by other manufacturers. The car will have a stop-go button but no controls, steering wheel or pedals. Pictures of the Google vehicle show it looks like a city car with a “friendly” face, designed to make it seem non-threatening and help

Dhaka Bashi – Organised a Seasonal Fruit Fair

Dhaka Bashi – A cultural platform to revive Bengali tradition, organized a seasonal fruit fair Dhaka Bashi (residents of Dhaka), a cultural platform to revive Bengali tradition, organized a seasonal fruit fair at the National Library premises in the city on Friday. Sales women of a stall posed with a huge collection of seasonal fruits

5 Habits Of People With Remarkable Willpower

Some people may be more self-disciplined than others. Some people may be better at resisting temptation than you. But that’s probably not because they were born with some certain special something inside them — instead, they’ve found ways to store up their willpower and use it when it really matters. They have remarkable willpower not

How To Living a Creative Life

To live a creative life, it’s important to keep your imagination alive. The greatest tragedy of modern times is the death of imagination. Push your creative boundaries. Think out of the box and don’t be scared to explore new territories. A creative person is never afraid of failures. AND Connect with creative people Connecting with

How To Link Your Rooms With Colour

Giving individual rooms a link with each other through colors isn’t difficult at all. Not only will it make your rooms look great, but will also create a harmonious atmosphere. Why should you link rooms with color? It makes the overall look relaxing One reason why you should link one room to the other is

Pains That You Should Not Ignore

You can’t let every ache, soreness or twinge worry you to the point you have your health care provider or local hospital on speed dial. But there are pains that come on suddenly or accompany fever that you should never ignore. A sharp ache between your shoulder blades Could be: A heart attack About 30