Pm Accuses USA, Canada of ‘Double Standards’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said USA and Canada pass judgement on Bangladesh’s elections and at the same time they shelter Bangladeshi murderers, which demonstrate their double standards.

Sheikh Hasina was briefing the press on Saturday on her recent UK tour.

Asked about the government’s efforts to bring back the murderers of Bangabandhu, she said, “Nur (Nur Chowdhury) is in Canada, Rashed (Rashed Chowdhury) and some others are in USA. Their deportation is up to them (USA and Canada).”

“They’re democratic nations. They pass judgement on the validity of our elections. But at the same time they shelter murderers. They follow double standard policies,” she said.

She also criticised “hypocrisy of media”, saying, “On one hand you’ll say war criminals are not being tried, and on the other you cry foul over BNP not coming to power. You have to give up on this hypocrisy.”

She said the bilateral relations between the UK and Bangladesh had reached new heights following her tour.

The prime minister returned on Thursday after a three-day visit to the United Kingdom.

She was in London to attend the Girl Summit 2014. During the visit, she held a meeting with her British counterpart David Cameron.

They met at the British prime minister’s 10 Downing Street office on Tuesday.