Uninterrupted Eid Journey Due To Early Steps

Eid journey has become uninterrupted and smooth due to early steps by the concerned ministries, 12 deputy commissioners’ planned actions, restriction on movement of heavy vehicles and closure of garments factories on different dates.

As Communications Minister Obaidul Kader inspected the roads round-the-clock, the highways have become worthy of early and smooth journey.

On the third day of Eid journey on Saturday, there was no acute tailback on Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Joydebpur, Dhaka-Tangail and other roads. Unlike the previous years, the passengers were not seen waiting for long for arrival of trains due to collapse of railway time schedule.
“For the first time, I have found such a comfortable and hassle-free journey this year. The whole credit goes to road management,” said the communication sector researcher Prof Shamsul Huq. He said there was not that much pressure of vehicles on the highway as the educational institutions went on holiday earlier and RMG factories were closed on different dates. Besides, the illegal structures beside the highways were removed. Police did not allow the vehicle parking helter-skelter. The passengers are being able to make their journey hassle-free for lack of multiplicity of vehicles on the highways this year.

Mozammel Haque Chowdhury, general secretary of Passenger Welfare Association of Bangladesh (PWAB) said, “this time people have been returning home with relaxed mood. Vehicles also are moving on hassle-free roads as there was no rain but if it rains the road-hassle will increase.”

This month two meetings were held between eight days on communication, rail, shipping including home ministry. The first meeting was held on July 3 to solve tailback on roads and highways. Another inter-ministerial meeting was held after eight days of the previous meeting. Many plans were taken in previous time but this time work also was done following the plan. Construction works is being done effectively.

Dilapidated road condition is the main challenge to reach home hassle-free. So far 8,000 KM among 21,481 KM roads of Roads and Highways division was in so bad condition this time but 24 monitoring committees of communication ministry have overseen the construction works and created pressure to repair the roads. A total of 30 mobile teams have observed emergency repair works on Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Mymensingh highways. All engineers of Roads and Highways division were being threatened that if they don’t finish their works they will be punished.

Communication minister also told chief engineer of Roads and Highways division Mofijul Islam Rajakhan that you only sit in the office room, not know anything, I go to field visit. He also suspended executive engineer Ahsan Uddin of Dhaka road division. Roads and highways are becoming suitable for vehicle movement for those activities.

For reducing tailback on highways and evicting illegal structures from roadside, Mymensingh, Gazipur including 12 districts’ police and administration officials were deployed. In the inter-ministerial meeting on July 11, deputy commissioners and police supers also gave assurance and suggestion to ensure hassle-free Eid journey.

Vehicles of 25 districts are travelling through Gazipur district where 1,300 police have been deployed on 38 points for supervision.

The police divided into 38 teams were working from Tongi Bazar to Joina Bazar in Sreepur of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, Tongi to Mirer Bazar, Ashulia to Chandra, Vogra bypass to Chandra intersection with other points. Police do not allow parking any vehicle on the area while 19 motorcycle teams of police have been alert to control reckless driving and overtaking. Police Super Abdul Baten said as their preparations were good, no tailback was caused.

Meanwhile, the traditional scenery of Dhaka city has started to change first. Many city-dwellers have already left the capital to celebrate Eid festival at village home. Dhaka, the city of traffic-jam and overcrowd, is rapidly getting empty. The everyday hassle in Dhaka is no more there. Rush of pedestrian is also not visible. There are crowds at shopping-malls as people thronged there for the last moment Eid shopping. Side by side, there are huge rush of people at the bus and launch terminals and train station in the city.